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Imagine that just visiting Luxor attractions, you’ll have seen one-third of the world’s monuments! Yes, Luxor has one-third of the world’s monuments of open temples, museums, and tourist attractions that tell the history of the Pharaohs’ ancestors.

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Aswan is a peaceful and calm country. You may get a sense of this merely by interacting with its friendly people. what Aswan offers of distinctive attractions that reflect different eras of history

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The Giza plateau is considered one of the most famous tourist places, explore King Khufu, King Khafre,  King Menkaure

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Aswan Nile

A  Nile River in Egypt is absolutely a distinct experience and does not needs any reasons whatsoever to travel on the spectacular Nile.

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Top 5 places to visit in Sharm El-Sheikh city

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the tourist destinations that people visit in winter due to its warm weather, while in summer, it’s a little bit hot. So let’s take a tour of the best attractions in Sharm El Sheikh

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Travel to Hurghada

There are many reasons that force you to travel to Hurghada city. As it is the main tourist destination in Egypt due to its unique beaches and high-quality resorts. 

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