Luxor attractions by a Luxury Nile Cruise

Luxor and Aswan are considered the oldest historical cities in Egypt. And the most popular Egypt travel packages, especially in the winter. Luxor and Aswan experienced many wars, occupations, kings, and various events, so they are the source of Egypt’s history.
Luxor occupies many temples and historical museums dating back to more than 4000 years.
In this article, we will mention the most important places to visit in Luxor and the most important places to visit there. with a highlight of the highly-rated Luxor attractions & sightseeing, so continue reading.

Luxor Attractions: Best 5 Luxor sightseeing

Imagine that just visiting Luxor attractions, you’ll have seen one-third of the world’s monuments!
Yes, Luxor has one-third of the world’s monuments of open temples, museums, and tourist attractions that tell the history of the Pharaohs’ predecessors.
As a result, Luxor is considered one of the greatest and most frequented tourist destinations in all Egypt tours.

The most significant Luxor attractions & sightseeing can be visited in at least three days to enjoy all of its beauty. So, join us on a Nile cruise tour to explore the main places to visit in Luxor…

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is the world’s biggest religious temple and the most frequented by visitors from all over the world each year.

It dates back to more than 4,000 years and reflects the importance of the ancient Egyptians’ religious life, as well as the most essential beliefs and legends concerning their religious rituals that you can explore in a single Luxor day tour.

The importance of Karnak Temple is due to its religious significance and massive design. The temple is divided into three complexes (the Amun district, the Mot district, and the Monto district), the largest of them being the Amun district.

Each complex contains columns and monuments that you will discover for yourself on the Luxor East Bank day tour, you will explore more about Luxor East Bank attractions in the following.

4 days Luxor and Aswan
3 Days in Luxor City

Luxor Temple

After a long day and you are wrapped in Karnak Temple to cover most of its massive and great icons, take a virtual tour of Luxor Egypt to Luxor Temple, the small-scale temple of Karnak Temple. In this temple, you will find the most important kings of Egypt in ancient times. 

Luxor Temple is located in the heart of the modern city of Thebes. Like all Egyptian temples, the Luxor Temple consists of places of worship to the gods, next to the sub-chambers and huge columns. But all that distinguishes one temple from the other is its creative unique design.

Once you enter the famous temple construction, you will find the statue of Queen Hatshepsut, Tutankhamun, Amenhotep III, Ramses II, and then after a long-distance, you will find the statue of the Macedonian King Alexander the Great, and perhaps the Roman Emperor Diocletian. I won’t spoil away any more details to give you the chance to be amazed. And now check the prepared Egypt classic packages of the West Bank after that the peace spot Aswan.

Deir al-Bahri Temple | Queen Hatshepsut's Temple

Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple is one of the world’s greatest mortuary temples, dating back to the modern state. The temple is situated at the cliffs on Luxor’s west bank.

This region was dedicated to the deity Hathor and housed the world’s oldest mortuary temple as well as King Nehter Mentuhotep’s tomb. Hatshepsut Temple was utilized as a monastery after the arrival of Christianity, it was called Deir al-Bahari, or the Monastery of the North.

Valley of Queens

When you look at the Valley of the Queens firstly, you will feel that it is a normal spot with no glamorous elements, just a red lane with a vertical sun! However, the graves are hidden beneath and contain more than 90 tombs of well-known royal family members.

The most impressive tomb is that of Queen Nefertari, the favorite wife of Ramses II. Her tomb is a priceless piece of art. Decorated with ornaments that reflect her life with her husband and King Akhenaten.

Valley of Kings

The ancient Egyptians believed that there is another life awaiting them after death.
This life is the everlasting life of the immortal. Therefore, they were devoting a large part of their plans to this time, so they built a valley on the West Bank near the city of Luxor to hold the body of the great kings, the most important of whom were King Tutankhamun, Ramses II, Seti I, the high priests and prestigious families.

Nile Cruise

Enjoy a Nile Cruise

Sail on a Nile Cruise, which is one of the greatest relaxing luxury Egypt tours since you spend a wonderful time in the middle of the Nile while seeing the most major tourist attractions lined up on its banks. You can discover Luxor & Aswan together by a Nile River Cruise by booking a 10 days Egypt tour package. Now we’re on our way to Aswan, the land of quiet and peace knew for its hospitable people, as well as its different tourist sites, which we’ll tell you about now.

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