Aswan day tours

On the banks of the Nile at the south of Egypt, you reach the southern gate of Egypt, the quietest city in Egypt “Aswan” in Aswan day tours, you will relax after long Luxor day tours full of discoveries. It is a charming station for rest, tranquility, and recreation with its beautiful Nile. Things to do in Aswan are numerous, including museums, Nile cruises, and the delightful Nubian village… Can we discover together?

Things to do in Aswan

At the beginning of the 19th century, Aswan attractions began to appear and flourish until it became one of the most famous Egypt day tours after the time of colonization. The Europeans realized its treasures and bounties, so it became their favorite destination, especially in the wintertime, to escape from the cold weather to the embrace of its warm sun. Can we take a snap tour of Aswan excursions?

The High Dam is considered the largest dam in Egypt, the owner of great credit for preserving it from drowning. But it caused the displacement of about 100,000 Nubians, who now inhabit the Aswan Nubian village and were able to attract tourists with their fine art and their wonderful traditional products.

Compared to the efforts made by tourists in Luxor to discover the Pharaonic monuments, Aswan trips are considered a quiet and peaceful station for them. They cannot finish their Egypt tours without passing through it because it is famous for its distinctive culture. The Philae Temple, which is located on an island behind the Aswan Dam, and the gigantic Abu Simbel Temple, which features giant pillars with impressive hieroglyphic inscriptions, cannot be missed.

The Nile cruise will certainly be one of the most enjoyable recreational Aswan excursions, and a visit to the quiet island of Elephantine, as the real axis of Aswan is the beauty of the Nile River.

If you have more time to spend in Egypt, Aswan and Luxor are located near Hurghada, so what do you think of a warm tour with the waters of the Red Sea and exploring other Hurghada day tours?

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