Egypt Easter tours

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year since it has unique weather, particularly in Egypt, where the weather is mild and warm in the spring, ideal for travel and relaxation, so why not spend Egypt Easter tours during this time?

Egypt Easter holidays are distinct because Egyptians value celebrations and feasts, so you will find an entertaining atmosphere in the Egypt tours at this time.

Egypt travel packages at this time are divided into three categories; Either historical tours or Red Sea tours, or Mediterranean tours. Each category has its own excitement and features that distinguish it.

Historical trips are concentrated in Luxor, where temples and museums (Luxor Museum – Hatshepsut Temple – Karnak Temple – Valley of the Kings and Queens). The most interesting thing in Luxor is to celebrate while flying with the balloon and taking the most wonderful souvenir photos that will immortalize the memory with you.

We also have Aswan, which is characterized by picturesque islands such as Elephantine Island, fun Nile cruises, and the delightful Nubian village, which is famous for its beautiful customs. It also has historical monuments that it is famous for, such as (Abu Simbel Temple – the High Dam – the unfinished obelisk – the Nile Museum) and other attractions & sightseeing that you will recognize for yourself in our Egypt Luxury packages.

Cairo also categorizes its historical packages because it is the home of the pyramids, museums, and ancient buildings that date back thousands of years and still preserve their appearance and roots. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Cairo (the pyramids – the Egyptian Museum – Salah El-Din Castle – the Hanging Church) and many other classic packages in Egypt that you will enjoy with us.

Egypt Easter packages can also be spent in the Red Sea which consider the home of luxury tourist resorts and world-class diving sites.

As for the Mediterranean, what distinguishes it most is its weather and high waves, the most important city of Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean, which has its own charm.

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