Egypt safari tours

Egypt Safari Tours is the most exciting experience you can have, and you must try a safari in Egypt before you leave. The Egyptian desert provides a delightful journey as well as an understanding of desert life and its attractiveness to the natives (Bedouins) who live there.

Luxor Private Tours offers the greatest safari trips in Egypt tours, which are beyond any other deserts in the world and provide unique experiences. Here’s a quick round of Egypt’s golden paradise.

Popular Safari in Egypt

Egypt’s deserts are extremely diverse, especially in Egypt travel packages. The Hurghada safari is distinct from the Sharm el-Sheikh safari, the Sina safari, the Farafra safari, and the oasis safari.

Hurghada Desert Safari

Hurghada’s safari adventure is from really exciting classic Egypt tours. You will first take a driving exam to ensure that you are capable of operating drive a quad bike and are ready to fly over the golden dunes to the Bedouin camps, where you will find barbeque parties and Bedouin songs, as well as delicious Bedouin tea. If you are not good at driving a quad bike, you can enjoy camel riding or safari with 4×4 vehicles.
Desert tour in Egypt Oasis
Siwa, Dakhla, Kharga, Farafra, Bahariya, are the oases of Egypt luxury tours, rich in its tourist attractions and the generosity of its people in the hospitality of tourists.

Egypt Safari tours in oases, of course, is different because some of them have healing sands for bone diseases, so you can go on a safari trip and camping in the heart of the desert and bury your body under the sand to treat orthopedic diseases, in addition to having well water, natural eyes made by the Creator and Capritian lakes that treat some skin problems.

Safari in the oases is interesting and works to renew your health. Gather your family and enjoy its pleasant side in Egypt family tours which is concentrated in the white and black desert of Farafra, which is famous for its strange rocky and sandy formations, most of which are calcium formations and works to transmit positive energies to the human soul, so that, many tourists preferred practice yoga in it.

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