Dahab day tours

Although Dahab is small, its natural reserves and diving sites are unique to the globe, hence there are numerous Dahab day tours. Most of the tourists firstly enjoy the Sharm El Sheikh day tours and then book Dahab trips and do the best Dahab activities that we will get to know here.

Things to do in Dahab

Dahab excursions and sightseeing center around snorkeling & diving, safari, and nighttime walk at Al Mamsha. All Dahab activities have a special taste, so let’s get to know the most famous of them.

Dahab diving sites

The Red Sea is the most famous tourist destination for diving sites in the world. Each spot is distinct from the other. Diving in Sharm El-Sheikh is different from Hurghada, other than Dahab, Taba, and Nuweiba, and it is one of the most enjoyable day tours in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, and their small cities. If your next destination is Dahab trips, check the most important Dahab scuba diving sites and its top attractions.

Blue Hole

One of the most important dive sites in Egypt tours, but in all world tours. The blue hole is like a deep hole that no one has reached the end of. The more you dive down, the more excited you get to go deep and deep because of the intensity of the beauty of the colorful coral reefs.

This spot is dived only by professional divers who have undergone rigorous scuba diving.

Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum National Reserve’s high mountains, dunes, and rising fossil reefs are almost intact, providing a true glimpse of Bedouin culture and the underwater world. It can only be reached by boat or camel, which means that even getting there is enjoyable!

Dahab Safari Tours

Because the Egyptian deserts are unique, especially the famed Dahab safari trip in the valley, St. Catherine, and Mount Musa, the safari trip is a perfect choice for anybody seeking unique and interesting Egypt day tours. You can camp with a unique Bedouin party to watch the charming sunrise. testing and perfecting their neutral buoyancy. But you can do snorkeling and explore reefs and fish from the surface of the water.

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